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Florida hospitals may help low-income patients with insurance costs
One of the biggest concerns many consumers may have, even after the implementation of many of the various Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is that the cost of buying their coverage remains quite high, especially if they have lower incomes. However, it now seems as though some health care providers in Florida might be trying to help them deal with those costs.
Health Care and Health Insurance
September 22, 2014
Health insurance advertising trends important to track
The health insurance field is a competitive one, with many different companies trying to connect with consumers who, these days, are becoming more aware of the benefits of such coverage.
Health Care and Health Insurance
September 19, 2014
Number of uninsured Americans dropped substantially this year
One of the most important aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was, as the name implies, designed to make sure more Americans had access to reasonably priced health insurance coverage going forward.
Health Care Reform and Policy
September 18, 2014

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